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Jack Vanderwyk updated the description.
Some people want you to believe that there are "silver" Labradors, "champagne" Labradors, and "charcoal" Labradors. Don't let them fool you! These are all dilutes, which originated in the U.S., out of mixes with Weimaraners and probably some other breeds. Even if they are registered they are registered under the discription of chocolate not silver for a reason... you would still buy a mutt instead of a Labrador.

Labs come in  3 colors; Black, Yellow and Chocolate.  If you find someone selling different colors there is a reason so check out the below information.  Someone selling off color labs have something different in them "Mixed".

So just be aware of what else is in the dog and what you are really getting !

                                                        The above information is shared with permission of Mr. Jack Vanderwyk.

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