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If interested in a pup please complete our puppy application and send to us at  


We breed very few litters.  Usually we have puppies only when we are planning to keep a pup for ourselves. We are looking for that special family that wants to give one of our Labrador Retriever pups a wonderful forever home.  


If you are interested in one pups becoming part of your family and are willing to wait please fill out our puppy applications (click on the puppy application in the center top of this page).  The information you provide will assist us in selecting the puppy most suited for you and your family.  We review each application and then contact you personaly about your request and answer any additional questions you may have.  


Our pups are from parents who have been through many health tests.  We are breeding for Healthy pups with Wonderful temperments who as close as possible meet the Conformation qualities for an English type Labrador Retriever.  Keeping all this with the Labradors natural retrieving instinct.     


You can expect the price of a well bred Labrador Retiever companion pup whose parents have medical clearances to cost between  $2000.00  and up.


How much is that pup ? Here is an article worth reading.  

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