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Potential Puppy - Client Information

All information provided will remain CONFIDENTIAL with the owners of Blissfield Labrador Retrievers. 



Thank you for your interest in a quaility well bred Labrador pup from Blissfield Labradors.  For those of you willing to wait for a Labrador from us please fill out the application and send to us @  


The information that you provide will assist us in selecting the puppy most suited for you and your family.  




The information that you provide will assist us in selecting the puppy most suited for you and your family.  The information that you provide will assist us in selecting the puppy most suited for you and your family.  

Thank you for completing our application process.

 1. Your Name.

 2. Mailing address:

 3. Actual address if different from above.

 4. Your email address & website address;

 5. Your home tellephone/cell number

 6. Best time to reach you

 7. What time frame are you wanting a pup.

 8. Were you referred by another breeder if so who:

 9. If not referred how did you find out about us.

10. Do you have any children, if so how many ages:

11. Does anyone in your family have allergies to animals:

12. Where do you currently live , county, or city, any acreage:


Do you own or rent?

If renting or leasing are you permited a dog?

13. How long have you lived here.

14. Is your property fenced in:

15. If no fence how do you plan to contain your lab?

16. Does anyone stay home or do you work during the day?

17. Where would you keep the puppy during the day and night:

18. Are you planning to run or jog with your pup?

      We recommend you do not run or jog with your pup.

19. Have you ever owned any dogs before and if so what kind:

20. Where are they now:

21. Have you ever owened a Labrador Retriever, if so what type, and for what purpose:

22. What other pets do you own that would be sharing your home or property with your lab.  

23. What is your Vets name and address?

24. Describe your occupation, lifestyle and your hobbies.

25. Are you certian you are able to afford not only the purchase price of the puppy/dog, but the ongoing care and         maintenance of him/her for the next 10-15 years?

26. Are you willing to enroll in an organized obedience training with your puppy to help create a well behaved and         socialble compainion.  

27. What will you be using your lab for ... Companion, show , obedience, therarapy dog, personal hunting dog,             hunt test?


28. Do you understand we sell our pups on non breeding contracts.  That means that your dog may not breed to           any other dog no matter what breed.  

29. What will you be using your lab for Companion, show, obedience, therapy / Service dog, agility, hunting,                 breeding, drug detection, search and recovery,....? 

30. If interestin in a puppy for AKC Conformation, hunt test or obedience, please describe your experience, plans         and any AKC / UKC ect... titles you have acquired on your breed.   
31. What color (Black, Yellow or Chocolate) & sex (Male or Female) do your prefer

 See below:

1st choice (sex & color)

2nd choice (sex & color)

3rd choice (sex & color)

32. How do you plan to pick up your puppy ?

     we do not ship puppies...


33. Do you understand that even thought we have taken the time and expense to engage in extensive health            screenings befor mating our Labradors there can be no gaurantee that the puppy /dog purchased is completely      free of all genetic defects.

34. You understand our pups are sold with the AKC Restricted Registration (non-breeding agreement?

35. Are you willing to provide us with feedback at regular intervals as far as the puppy's social and physical                  development and how the puppy is adjusting to his/her new home?

We love to hear from you and recieve pictures !
Is there any further information you wish to share with us as we review your application for a Blissfield Labrador Retriever.  
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